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Joe McA

Children's Work

It was a Dark and Scary  Halloween Night.

It was a dark and scary Halloween night.
In a scary castle lightning struck two people and they got killed.
A wizard came up with a trick to kill us.
It was a full moon and a witch cast a strong spell and blood fell out of the sky.
I thought I might die that night
Zombies came out.
The king died and the boy died with him.
Vampires came out too and werewolves came out.
The monster was mad and he scared everyone hahaha!
The monster lived in a big haunted house
I had a gun. A bloody gun.
I shot the monster.
It was a 100 eyed monster
The monster was very mad.
More lightning struck again and more people died but my whole school and my friends stayed alive.
I beat the monster and I got away.
The End.

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