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Skeleton 3

Children's Work

My Brother is a Skeleton.

My baby brother,
Is like no other,
 As he has no skin,
He likes to eat fish and meat,
But he's still very thin!!

Whenever he hides the "Nutella",
It's always behind his patella.
When he has a fever,
It tingles in his femur.
But he doesn't give a care,
It's as if the world's not there.

He doesn't wear bibs,
As they feel uncomfortable on his rib.s
His best friend is Skinny Winnie,
Who has a cat called Minnie.
Her dog's name is Ginny,
And all of them are ninnies.

I just forgot to warn you all,,
That he often likes to take a fall,
He likes to shout his name out loud,
And that's what makes me very proud!

By Rebecca and Laura.

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