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Skeleton 5

Children's Work

Skully Bully                                                                                        
                 I am a mad scientist,it's what I do
               Listen to the story I shall tell to you:
                 It was a dark night, November the 8th   
               A dark hooded figure showed up really late
                He  dropped a large bag upon the floor
                And of that dark figure I saw no more.

                I opened the bag knowing what it contained
                But what to do with it? I racked my brain.
                It was a skeleton I'd ordered to study
                From my grave robber of a buddy.

                 I laid it out on the table,
                 Making sure that it was stable
                 All of a sudden he looked quite awake,
                 His sternum and shoulder blade stated to shake
                 His tibia tingled
                 His radius rattled
                 His finger bones shook and then skidaddled.
        And with great effort he pulled up his weight
        He looked a lot like King Henry the VIII !!!
       I looked up in horror,
        and quivered in fear
        I couldn't belive King Henry was here
       I dreaded to think what he would do to me
       But he had no weapons that I could see
       I cannot explain what he did next,
       but let's just say......
      I was laid to rest

By Ruth Flanagan and Sadbh Boylan

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